Natural Dye – Paprika

Linen Fabric – Linen/Rayon Fabric – Bleached Muslin Fabric – Natural Muslin Fabric – Cotton Yarn – BFL Yarn – Exhaust Cotton Fabric W/ Turmeric

Mordant: Alum = 8%

1/19/19 –

  • Mordant fabric and yarn – simmer 1 hour
  • Leave in water over night

1/20/19 –

  • Bring water to simmer and add 3 tsp paprika to water
  • Dye bath for 1 hour
  • Let cool
  • Fabric – wash and dry by machine
  • Yarn – rinse 2xs cold water with Dawn and line dry

Exhaust bath + turmeric – no change to turmeric color on fabric, left in turmeric water for about 4 days, then washed and dried by machine

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