Natural Dye – Rose Petals

  • 11.3 g red rose petals
  • 124 g fiber samples
  • 9.92 g alum (8%)
  • Simmer rose petals 1 hour
  • Dissolve alum and add wet fibers
  • Simmer fiber for 1 hour + 15 minutes
  • Let soak overnight
  • Rinse and wash with Soak
An index card on a white table. On the left, the information for the rose petal dye detailed on this web page is handwritten in blue ink. 

On the right is staples 2 yarn samples and 2 fabric samples. The BFL tweed sample is a medium brown. The cotton yarn, linen fabric, and cotton fabric are a very light brown.

BFL Tweed Yarn – Cotton Yarn – Linen Fabric – Cotton Fabric

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