Natural/Solar Dye – Lichen

An index card on a white table. On the left, the information for the lichen dye detailed on this web page is handwritten in black ink. 

On the right is stapled 2 yarn samples and 2 fabric samples. The BFL yarn is a light gold color. The other samples are off white.

BFL Yarn – Linen Fabric – Cotton Fabric – Cotton Yarn

  • 1 spaghetti sauce jar of lichen dye stock
    • lichen + ammonia water (unknown measurements) sitting and shaken daily since December
  • 140.8 g fiber
  • 11.2 g alum (8%)

7/4/19 – simmered fiber in alum and added to jar with water to dye

7/13/19 – Remove from jar and rinse with Soak

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