Natural Dye – Purple Basil

An index card on a white table. There is a strip of black and orange jack o' lantern washi tape along the top edge.

Handwritten on this card in black ink is two columns of the information detailed on this web page.

Above the right hand column is stapled two yarn samples for bye bath 1. Both samples are a dark greyish purple.

Below the right hand colum is stapled the dye samples for dye bath 2 and dye bath 3. Dye bath 2 haas 2 fabric samples and 1 yarn sample. All three are a lavender color. Dye bath 3 had 1 fabric sample and 2 yarn samples. The fabric sample is a very light lavender. The BFL tweed yarn sample is a greyish tan. The cotton yarn sample is an off white light lavender.

Dye Bath #1 – BFL Yarn – BFL Tweed Yarn

Dye Bath #2 – Linen Fabric – Cotton Fabric – Bamboo Yarn

Dye Bath #3 – Cotton Fabric – BFL Tweed Yarn – Cotton Yarn

17.15 g purple basil (garden) dried

  1. 36.3 g yarn, 2.9 g alum (8%). 4/18/2020 10:00 am – 11:00 am simmer leave sin water. 11:00 am – add alum, add yarn. 11:45 am – Add 27.4 g yarn, 2.19 g alum. 12:45 pm – turn off heat and let soak. 7:00 pm – remove, wash, dry.
  2. 77 g fiber, 6.16 alum. 7:00 pm – reheat dye bath. 7:30 pm – add alum, add fiber. 8:30 pm – turn off heat and let soak overnight, then remove, wash, and dry.
  3. 102.85 g fiber, 8.2 g alum, 3 tbsp iron water. 4/19/2020 8:45 am – reheat dye bath. 9:15 am – add alum, add fiber. 10:15 am – add iron water. 11:15 am – turn off heat and let sit. 5:30 pm – remove, wash, and dry.

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