Natural Dye – Red Onion Skins with Iron Water

An index card on a white table. On the left hand side, the information on this web page is handwritten in black ink.

On the right hand side are three samples. The BFL yarn sample is a brown. The bamboo yarn sample is a tan yellow. The linen fabric sample is an orange tan.

BFL Yarn – Bamboo Yarn – Linen Fabric

  • 9.31 g red onion skins
  • 87.9 g fiber
  • 7 g alum (8%)
  • 3 tbsp iron water

5/4/2020 –

1:25 pm – heat water and onion skins.

2:45 pm – Stir in alum + add wet fiber

3:45 pm – Stir in iron water

4:45 pm – turn off heat and let sit overnight.

5/5/2020 – Remove fiber. Wash and rinse. Let dry.

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