Natural Dye – Coffee with Iron Water

  • 130 g fiber
  • 53 g coffee
  • 3 tbsp iron water

5/12/2020 –

3:45 pm – heat coffee (low medium)

4:45 pm – add fiber

5:45 pm – add iron water

(This is not written on the card, but the samples were left in the dye bath overnight and then washed and dried.)

An index card on a white table. On the right, the information detailed in this post is handwritten in black ink.

On the left, 5 samples are stapled to the card. The cotton fabric sample is a medium grey and the linen fabric sample is the same. The BFL Tweed yarn is a dark brown so dark is it nearly black. The cotton yarn sample is the same grey as the fabric samples. The bamboo yarn is mislabeled as linen and is a light silvery color.

Cotton Fabric – Linen Fabric – BFL Tweed Yarn – Cotton Yarn – Bamboo Yarn (mislabeled as linen)

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