Natural Dye – Madder (Commercial)

  • 49.94 g madder
  • 199.76 g fiber
  • 15.98 g alum 8%

10/4/2020 –

11:19 am – Remove some samples from garden madder dye water and wash. Not written: Hold other samples to overdye in water until dye bath is ready. Heat bath to med low 175 deg F for 1 hour.

12:19 pm – Switch burner to low. Stir in alum and madder.

1:19 pm – Strain root and add fiber. Dye for 1 hour at med low 175 deg F.

Let sit overnight. Wash and dry.

An index card on a white table. On the left, the information from this post is hand written in black ink.

There are 5 samples stapled to the left of the card. The BFL yarn is a salmon color. The BFL Tweed is a light red or dark salmon color. The hemp fabric sample is pink, The cotton sample is a pink leaning in the red orange direction. The raw silk noil fabric sample is a light red.

BFL Yarn – BFL Tweed Yarn – Hemp Fabric – Cotton Fabric – Raw Soil Noil Fabric

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