Natural Dye – Birch Bark

Mordant: Alum 8% dry weight 12/13/18 – 12/14/18

  • Bark soaked in water 24 hours
  • Bark simmered in water on low/medium heat for 1 hour and drained
  • Fabric added dry, cotton yarn added damp*
  • Dye bath for 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Let cool in dye water in plastic bag
  • Air dry
  • Washing machine rinse and dryer dry low

*except half sample dipped in 1 week old iron modifier

Photo of two index cards laid out on a white table. The top index card has written information detailed in text on this page for the birch bark dye.

The bottom index card has 5 dye samples stapled to it. There are 4 fabric strips in linen, linen/rayon, bleached muslin, and natural muslin and 1 cotton yarn. They are all in shades of a light beige/tan color. The linen/rayon is a little more grey than the others. The linen is a little more brown than the others. The bleached muslin is the lightest color.

Linen Fabric – Linen/Rayon Fabric – Bleached Muslin Fabric – Natural Muslin Fabric – Cotton Yarn