Natural Dye – Indigo

From Dharma Trading Co directions for Pre-Reduced Indigo Crystals

  • 20 g indigo crystals
  • 50 g thiox
  • 100 g soda ash
  • 4 galwater
  • Warm water to 80-90 deg F
  • Stir in indigo and thiox
  • Dissolve soda ash in a little bit of boiling water and dd to vat
  • Stir in one direction, slow down, and reverse direction alongside out edge
  • Foam should form flower in center
  • Let settle – should be yellow-green
  • Skim flower and crust off the top and set aside
  • Enter sample and manipulate in water
  • Don’t stir up sediment
  • Squeeze to reduce drips
  • Wait 15-20 minutes before redip
An index card on a white table. There is black and orange jack o' lantern washi tape along the top edge. Handwritten on the card in black ink is the information for the indigo dye detailed on this web page.
An index card on a white table. A row of yarn and fabric samples are stapled to the card - 9 yarn samples and 3 fabric samples. These are all a medium indigo blue like found on classic blue jeans. There are two yarn samples stapled to the bottom of the card. On the left is a teal-blue BFL yarn sample. On the right is a green mohair yarn sample.

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BFL with Mullein Yarn – White Mohair with Onion Skins Yarn