Natural Dye – Turmeric

An index card on a white table. The information for the Turmeric dye transcribed to this website is written in black ink.
A white index card on a white table. There are 4 fabric turmeric dye fabrics and 1 turmeric dye yarn stapled to the card. All 5 samples are a similar shade of yellow. The linen/rayon sample is slightly more grey than the others.

Linen Fabric – Linen/Rayon Fabric – Bleached Muslin Fabric – Natural Muslin Fabric – Cotton Yarn

An index card on a white table. There are 4 fabric samples stapled to the card that were used in the turmeric exhaust dye bath. The second and fourth samples are a yellowing parchment color, the first is a light yellow, and the third is a yellowish tan color.

Exhaust Cotton Fabric Dye (2nd bath)

Mordant: Alum 8% of dry weight 12/13/18

Iron modifier: 2 weeks old


  • Set fabric and yarn to soak in water overnight


  • Bring water to simmer over low/medium heat
  • Stir in 10.22 g alum then approximately 3 dashes of turmeric
  • Simmer samples for 1 hour (half dipped in iron modifier)
  • Let cool in the pot
  • Line dried, then washed and dried low in dryer for fabric, line for yarn

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