Digital Dye Book

This is a digital representation of my physical dye book. I began experimenting in different types of dyeing in 2018 and wanted to share my results with folks looking for a place to get started. I am not a professional dyer and have no formal training in the chemical processes involved.

If you would like to tip for the time and materials used in these experiments and documentation, feel free to go on over to my Ko-Fi. Any contributions are appreciated.

Acid Dye – Tunic Green

1/25/2021 – 50/50/5 BFL 50.96 g yarn 5.96 citric acid 5.96 g salt .596 g (base total) dye .298 g yellow .298 g blue 0.29 g black Soak yarn in citric acid & water Add salt to water and heat medium low 30 min 1 hour medium low in dye pot Let cool in dye … Continue reading Acid Dye – Tunic Green

Acid Dye – Tunic Green

10/4/2020 – 50/50 BFL 28.3 g yarn 2.83 g citric acid .283 g dye powder .1415 g yellow 50% .1415 g blue 50% .283 g salt Soak yarn in citric acid bath – 30 minutes. Dye bath med low 175 deg F – 30 minutes. Let set overnight. Wash and dry. 70/30 BFL 23.7 g … Continue reading Acid Dye – Tunic Green